Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Compassion International

Hwangbo (Korean celebrity) just tweeted something about Compassion in Korea.
아이티 어린이 결연 재개됩니다! 에서도 가능하시고 전화 02)3668-3400으로도 가능합니다~ 여러분의 도움으로 결연이 재개될 수 있었습니다. 감사합니다! ^^

No idea what she said but it's cool to see that she supports Compassion. I posted before that she came to LA to speak at a church but I was too chicken to go.

Yupa Tepthong - 12/25/1991

This was the original photo I received when I started sponsoring Yupa in Thailand.

This is the most recent photo. I think the sponsorship ends when they turn 19 which is this Christmas. I've sponsored her since 1996.

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Anonymous said...

extremely disappointed: spent 4 days behind the Great Firewall and i come back and there are no postings of pictures of k-pop singers in short skirts.