Monday, April 19, 2010

KMF Song Selection

The KMF (Korean Music Festival) is a long concert. I think the 2009 one was close to 4 hours since they have lots of artists performing but each only get 3-4 songs. Here's my prediction for the few groups that I know:


- Lupin (current single)

- Honey

- Mister (butt dance!)


- Tired of Waiting (current single)

- Heartbeat

- Again & Again

Wonder Girls

- Nobody (English maybe?)

- So Hot
- Tell Me

The rest I'm not sure...


Update... links to songs added!


Hmm... embedding MP3s in Blogger is a pain in the ass since they don't provide a tool or button. I was using 4shared to upload and share but their player converts the MP3 into Flash files and most are cut off. I then tried embedding the Google Reader code and pointing to 4shared but it only worked with Firefox on my Mac; using Safari or IE/Firefox on Windows would crash the browser. Finally, I activated my free Cox web storage (5GB) and found a small player called Blogcastone which works well. Even at 10MB per MP3 file, I can store ~500 songs online which is plenty for blog sharing (unless I want to upload music videos).


Never-ending updates... it appears that Cox Media Store auto-generates a link each time you sign in so the URL is not static. That makes it impossible to link to it for streaming media. I guess it's one way to limit bandwidth. I'm uploading to FileDEN now so the KMF songs are available.

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