Thursday, April 29, 2010

K-pop Rapper e.via

Hey! - e.via

I came across this video on YouTube. When you mention Korean rappers, I think of Miryo (BEG) or Epik High. From the first 45 seconds of the MV, I thought it was Japanese bubblegum pop or something but it turns out e.via is an underground rapper who just released an album last year. The album was promptly banned due to sexually suggestive lyrics. Wouldn't have expected that by her appearance.

I read somewhere that she has been compared to Eminem. I don't know... his lyrics are nasty and she's a lot cuter. I guess I can't really comment on her lyrics since I don't understand Korean.

This MV is from her new mini-album that was just released a few days ago. OK, that was a bit too skanky for a family-oriented blog. You can go find it on YouTube yourself if you want to see it.


Hmm... track 12 of her 1st album is called: 오빠! 나 해도돼? (XXX Version). I listened to it; it doesn't do anything for me. :)

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