Sunday, April 4, 2010


Felt an earthquake about an hour ago. It lasted for about 40 seconds and the house was shaking pretty good. It's hard to tell how big an earthquake is unless you know how far you're from the epicenter. I looked up the USGS website and it appears to be a huge 6.9 quake in Baja California near Mexicali.

The quake is the biggest red box on the map. It looks like the quake also triggered a few other quakes since they seem a bit far to be aftershocks. In comparison, the Northridge quake was 6.7 but it was much closer.


Upgraded to a 7.2... and it's triggered a whole bunch of smaller quakes. They're calling it a earthquake swarm.

The colors changed since the USGS is using UTC. The red line in the map is probably the San Andreas fault or where California splits and falls into the Pacific Ocean in all the disaster movies.

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