Friday, April 16, 2010

Brown Eyed Girls in Concert

Dang! San Francisco on May 22nd.

Myx is an Asian American music/lifestyle cable channel; I have it on my Cox cable and it seems to play crappy hip=hop music all the time. They're holding a concert during Asian Pacific Heritage Month and it looks like BEG is going to perform. I think the only other time they performed was in a club last year in NYC.

Ooh, I just checked and plane tickets are only $139 round trip. Add car rental, hotel room, parking... and concert tickets, it will probably cost >$500. :(


BART goes from SFO to Civic Center Station, which is only two blocks from the auditorium, for ~$8 each way. 2-star hotels are only $100/night. Woohoo!


Tickets are $35 and $60 (VIP lounge) for general admission.

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Anonymous said...

you can stay in Oak-town as well. there are more SWA flights into OAK and it might run cheaper. but you get what you pay for and you are in OAK. OAK gets fogged in less than SFO as well.