Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No Compendre

My ex-coworker just told me that she's not going to the 2010 KMF so I guess it's just me and Leon. It will be like being in Korea for 4 hours. Some more sections have sold out for online tickets so I contacted someone offering tickets on the Khype website forum. I got two $125 terrace tickets for $150 total last year but it looks like I'm getting two $70 at face value this year. There are still Pool Circle tickets being offered but they're $400-$500 each. I'm not paying that much... and hardcore fans in that section are really crazy so it probably won't be that enjoyable anyway.

I'm looking forward to seeing KARA and Kim Jong Kook in person.

Not sure if I linked to this before. The first one to dance (silver pants) is Nicole from KARA. The second one is Ga-In from Brown Eyed Girls. They're actually the group I really want to see in concert.

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