Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rush Concert

Speaking of concerts, Rush is on tour again... I wasn't sure if they were still alive. I used to like Rush a lot, being from Toronto and all. The first rock concert I went to was to see Rush at Maple Leaf Gardens; I think it was for their Grace Under Pressure album.

They're playing at Irvine Meadows on my birthday this year. I don't think tickets are on sale yet; the only option I see is a VIP package for $350. Maybe Sunny will go with me to that concert since she's not interested in Korean music.

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Rush said...

It will be awesome to see RUSH perform MOVING PICTURES in it’s entirety. I was able to see Rush 3 times on the original Moving Pictures tour, Max Webster opened for them in Louisville Ky, It was so awesome!! Thanks for offering me discounted Rush Tickets . They were using a movie screen behind them that projected really cool images during the show. They were so far ahead of everyone else at the time… and still are.