Monday, April 26, 2010

Griffith Observatory

I went and visited Griffith Observatory yesterday afternoon. I've been there several times before and always managed to park in the immediate parking lot. Yesterday however, there was a lot of people and I ended up parking halfway down the hill and had to climb a bit. The weather was really nice but there was a haze hanging over LA as usual.

Statue in front of the observatory. Facing front is Isaac Newton flanked by Herschel and Kepler.

Downtown Los Angeles

Looking towards Orange County to the southeast. You can just barely see the moon.

For a wannabe astronomer, I've only been to two observatories: Griffith and Mount Palomar. The last time I was here I got to look through the telescope at Jupiter. I imagined seeing the Great Red Spot and weather bands but only saw a bright dot surrounded by 4 faint dots.

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