Monday, May 26, 2008

You know You've Been In China Too Long When...

Leon pointed me to a Facebook group with a huge list of items unique to living in China. I've only been to mainland China six time but I've personally experienced a lot of stuff on the list.

My favorites:

3. A June 2001 Great Wall Cabernet (mixed with Sprite) is your vintage of choice [the first time I went to a Karaoke place, my friend ordered a bottle of wine and I was shocked when the waiter poured it into a pitcher along with a bottle of Sprite]

25. You find western toilets uncomfortable [actually the opposite... I've spent many uncomfortable moments searching for a sit-down toilet vs. a squatting toilet]

43. You believe that pressing the lift button 63 times will make it move faster [in every elevator in China, the most worn button is the "close door" button]

72. You buy an XXXL T-shirt when you returned home [when I lost my luggage on a trip last summer, XXL was the largest size I could find at the local Wal-Mart and it was way too small]

107. It becomes exciting to see if you can get on the lift before anyone can get off [!]

113. You find that it saves time to stand and retrieve your hand luggage while the plane is on final approach

131. You honk your horn at people because they are in your way as you drive down the sidewalk

140. You get your first case of bronchitis and you have never smoked a cigarette in your life [I've seen people light up their cigarette in a crowded elevator]

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