Monday, May 12, 2008

Earthquake! Live!

Crazy! I was just on the phone with my friend in Chengdu and an aftershock hit while we were talking. It's not on the USGS site yet but I heard there were 300+ aftershocks, with ~30 above 4.6. My friend also said a 6-story hospital collapsed in Chengdu as well as an elementary school, trapping 300 children.

Not good. The 10,000 death toll will probably keep rising. :(

Still thinking of going to Chengdu this Saturday as planned. I've been through several "large" earthquakes in California so 5.0 aftershocks are fine. I'm just worried that the 7.9 quake shook something loose and another 8-ish quake is on the way.


Here's the USGS entry:
5.0 2008/05/13 03:00:38 EASTERN SICHUAN, CHINA

Leon called PMI and they said they felt this aftershock too.


The airport in Chengdu is open. They had shut down the airport all yesterday but local news said that it's open today with at least 10 flights landing.

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