Thursday, May 15, 2008

5 dates no guy wants to go on

MSN/ Article
During courtship and dating, women — being the more creative gender — will often come up with the majority of suggestions for where they’d like to go and what they’d like to do with their romantic partner. You’d think this would be a positive thing. After all, their motivation appears genuine.

"Oh, come on, it’ll be fun!" they say to us. And yet according to my latest "Aw, Jeez, Do I Have To?" survey of myself and my friends, 96% of these suggestions are viewed by men as embarrassing, boring, or uncomfortable. Ladies, the following is inside information—a select listing of some of your most common activity suggestions, what men don’t like about them, and what we’d like to do instead.

So this doesn't explain anything with regards to my previous marriage since I've been on all 5 dates, multiple times.

Hiking: many hiking and camping trips, including being bounced awake in a tent during the 1991 Sierra Madre earthquake

Opera: went to see two operas at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion; had tickets to a third right before the divorce

Travel: honeymoon was one long trip to museums and stuff in Europe; other trips to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Boston, Vancouver, short-term mission trip to Navajo reservation in Arizona/New Mexico, Vegas! (many times), all around California, plus a crazy 4 day/1700 mile road trip to Albuquerque and back

Clothes shopping: several "clothes shopping" trips to SFO at the Petite Sophisticate flagship store by Powell Square (see Travel)

Relationship workshops: not including counseling, at least one seminar by Neil Clark Warren

Not complaining of course... I did enjoy a lot of these trips/dates/whatever. OK, I did fall asleep during the operas.

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