Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Dictatorships, whether military, communist, or fascist, don't really care about the people they rule over. It's all about maintaining power and wealth. That's why dictators like Robert Mugabe and Kim Jong-il will destroy an entire country and the lives of millions so they can stay in power.

For example:
YANGON, Myanmar - Hungry people swarmed the few open shops and fistfights broke out over food and water in Myanmar's swamped Irrawaddy delta Wednesday as a top U.S. diplomat warned that the death toll from a devastating cyclone could top 100,000.

The minutes of a U.N. aid meeting obtained by The Associated Press, meanwhile, revealed the military junta's visa restrictions were hampering international relief efforts.

Only a handful of U.N. aid workers had been let into the impoverished Southeast Asian country, which the government has kept isolated for five decades to maintain its iron-fisted control. The U.S. and other countries rushed supplies to the region, but most of it was being held outside Myanmar while awaiting the junta's permission to deliver it.

Amazing. Even when thousands of people are dying, the military dictatorship still wants to maintain control at the cost of the lives of their countrymen. I can't believe people whine/bitch about the U.S. government when this crap happens around the world all the time.

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