Friday, May 23, 2008

Chengdu Trip #5: Meet the Parents

I just called Leon thinking he's on his way home from LAX. Instead, the plane is just pulled into the gate after landing a hour ago. Nothing like cruising around LAX for an hour after a 12-13 hour flight.


On Friday night, my friend took me to her parent's house in Zigong for dinner. They're both retired but they bought their own house several years ago. They live in an older part of town, up on the hilly part of town.

Apartment complex. Even new buildings get dirty really fast. I think it's the dust/smog in the air.

Parent's apartment - 5th floor. The staircase was so filthy that it was scary.

The apartment is about 56 sq. meters and has two bedrooms. I think my friend told me that it was RMB1,000 per sq. meter when they bought it; it is worth about double that now. Her mom cooked some dishes for us. It was quite greasy and salty which didn't help my stomach but I had to eat what they gave me. After dinner, we went to visit an uncle (who is treating us to dinner tonight) in another part of town.

Non-regulation ping pong table made of brick and stone. I particularly like the solid net.

View from the bus station at the top of the hill

Bus #37. It was really old and the seats were made of wood. The fare was only RMB1 though.

Street vendors and shoppers in the commercial part of the old town. It looks like every other large city in Asia.

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