Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chengdu Trip #5: Road Construction

During my last trip, Leon and I drove to the bank ourselves. Even though the roads are small near our factory, the traffic was still crazy. Add to that, they were fixing the roads so it was torn up in many places. It was like driving off-road just to get to the bank. This time, Mr. Lin (our driver) took us and the roads were even worse. I thought they would be done after three months but they just tore up even more roads. One thing I noticed is that they do not close the road for construction. Even under construction, there is still lots of traffic on the road, kicking up huge amounts of dust.

The intersection right outside Bank of China. The road was under construction 3 months ago but in much better condition.

Another street under construction in the same neighborhood. It may look done but the street is still just dirt.

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