Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chengdu Trip #5: Hong Kong

It turned out we didn't stop in Korea after all. The flight only took 14 hours, direct from LAX to HKG. We also got one of the 747's with the new retrofitted interior which includes a true on-demand entertainment system. I think I managed to sleep for about 3 hours after the "dinner" meal. The rest of the time, I ended watching I Am Legend, Cloverfield, Kung Fu Basketball, and half of the 2nd National Treasure movie.

I bought one of those noise-canceling headphones for this trip. I didn't splurge for the Bose ones; there was a pair by Philips on sale at Costco. It worked out much better than I thought they would; it cut out most of the low-to-mid frequency engine noise. Before this, I was using my Shure E2 in-ear monitor headphones. They work by sealing your ear canal with rubber tips or foam inserts. They also work pretty good but they hurt my ears after a few hours.

I also took some NyQuil caplets at the beginning of the trip which helped me sleep for a few hours. I'm still drowsy now but I'm not sure whether it's the drugs or just more jet lag. It's raining now in Hong Kong so the air is a bit humid. I took a shower in the Cathay Pacific lounge. It was good to clean up after a 14 hour flight but a bit weird putting the same clothes back on after the shower.

Bradley Terminal is still under construction. Here is the view from gate 101; the A/C is not working so it was like a sauna with 400 people.

The bathroom/shower in "The Wing", Cathay Pacific's lounge near gate 4 at HKIA.

View from the lounge out to gate 3

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