Monday, May 26, 2008

Chengdu Pictures from May 12, 2008

My friend took some pictures on the day of the huge Wenchuan earthquake. They are from a few hours after the quake since she ran out of the apartment without taking anything. Coincidentally, the first major aftershock hit while she was back at the apartment getting her cell phone and camera (and cash, Chinese people always have cash at home).

Free water for old, weak, sick... I think.

Parking lot outside Wenshu Temple. There are still people sleeping in tents there after two weeks.

A lot of shingles came down from the roof of the Wenshu Temple complex. The furniture was tossed there later to prevent people from walking that way and getting hit from more falling shingles.

People hanging out at the side of the road.

More people staying away from their homes. This was around 11pm at night; the quake hit at ~2:30pm.

1am in the apartment lobby. My friend and her classmate went back to her apartment at ~2am. She said the floor was too hard to sleep on.

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