Friday, May 9, 2008

Grandpa's Ashes

I picked up my parents from LAX this afternoon. They went to Taiwan, along with my 2nd uncle, to get my grandfather's ashes and bring it back to Los Angeles. The plan is to bury the ashes next to my grandma at Rose Hills. The internment ceremony is this Thursday (May 15th) at 3:00pm.

The box. My dad, being the eldest son, had to carry this all the way back from Taiwan.

It was heavier than expected. We thought the ashes were in a small box but it turned out to be a large, marble, coffin-like box. It also ended up being too big to fit in their outer lead box so we had to pick another urn/container to transfer the ashes into. The yellow cloth cost NT$1000; it is supposed to protect my grandfather's spirit on the trip over or something like that.

It has his name, place of birth, and both date of birth and date of death. I'm not sure what the bottom row of characters say.

What does one do with an old ash container anyway?

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