Monday, January 17, 2011

Welcome Hu?

Ministry of Tofu
Chinese President Hu Jintao is about to visit the United States later this month. Meanwhile, Chinese consulates and student associations in U.S. universities are gathering steam to mobilize students’ interest. Multiple Chinese student associations based in and near Washington D.C. and Chicago have issued notices saying that those who register with the welcoming event on the streets can get allowances ranging from $20 to $80 and their food and travel cost reimbursed.

Despite the fact that Hu Jintao gave the directive himself last April that the protocols of diplomatic trips by Chinese leaders need reforms and that organizing large crowds of Chinese expats and students at an airport should not be required, the embassy and the consulates have started a new bout of marshaling.

Eh? It was "required" before for overseas Chinese people to "welcome" visiting leaders to their country? Heck, I'll go see Hu and wave a flag for $80.


Anonymous said...

hey, i would pay big bucks for a picture with Hu. still will be worth some good pr until he has to step down next year.

totochi said...

Can I just Photoshop it? None of the purses or watches in China are real anyway. Wait... maybe that's punishable with life in prison too.

Anonymous said...

can you also throw in a couple of photoshopped pictures of me with Jessica Alba, Hallie Berry, and Scarlett Johansson. oh wait, that is punishable by death in my household.