Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Crazy China Driving

I just spoke to Sindy, my friend in China. She had to host a ski party for her clients this weekend at a resort near Badaling, about 2 hours outside of Beijing. Most of them went by minibus from PLA Hospital 301 but she had to pick up someone at the airport. On the way to the resort, she missed the exit by ~50m. She then stopped her car and drove in reverse back to the exit. Since the shoulder was blocked, she did this in one of the driving lanes! Aiya! The client was too scared to ride so he got out to watch for traffic and walked back to the exit.

I keep telling her to just go to the next exit then figure out a detour. It's way too risky to stop on the highway just to save a few miles of extra driving. Sigh...

Maybe only half the drivers are really bad in China. The other have need to drive really well to avoid the crazy half. Since California accepts driver licenses issued by any jurisdiction, I agreed to let Sindy drive on her next trip here... now I'm having second thoughts.

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