Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chinese Human Rights

I hate it when they write/say this:
China has made remarkable economic progress in recent years. Tens upon tens of millions of Chinese people have been lifted out of poverty. Today the majority of Chinese enjoy living standards that would have seemed impossible 30 years ago.

China's citizens also have many more freedoms than they once did, to choose where they work, who they marry, to communicate over the internet and to travel abroad. President Hu is saying this change will continue.

30 year ago is 1981, 5 years after the end of the Cultural Revolution. Of course China is "better" now in comparison because Chinese society was almost destroyed 30 years ago and 100% of the blame goes to Mao and the CCP. The proper comparison would be to look at different countries and societies in 1949... what has the CCP done in the past 60 years? They don't get a pass on human rights today just because they f*cked up the country from 1950-1980. All the Asian countries were messed up after WWII; why can't we compare Chinese human rights to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc?

The second paragraph in the quote is super lame too. Are we to celebrate that Chinese people can "choose where they work, who they marry" today?! Why was that right even taken away in the first place? It's like a slave saying he's grateful that his owner is only beating him every other day now... way better than when he was beaten everyday. Ugh.

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