Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Embedded MP3s... One More Try

In my never ending quest to embed MP3 audio files into Blogger, I've stolen HTML code from my tumblr blog and pasted it below:

Crazy For You - Nana Tanimura 谷村奈南

It looks like the code works but the only drawback is that I have to upload the MP3 file to tumblr, and they only let you upload one audio file per day.


Hmm... the song skips a bit every so often, yet appears to play fine on the tumblr site. Can't tell whether it's a buffering problem or if it doesn't like my unauthorized embedding/linking to another blog site.

Here's another song I uploaded to tumblr a few weeks ago:

니까짓게 - Sistar


Arg! This song skips too. It must be something with tumblr to keep people from using their server and bandwidth for blog posts on a competing site. :)

BTW, this is post #1600 according to Blogger's dashboard.

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