Wednesday, January 5, 2011

MRI Wait Times

There has been a lot of discussion equating ObamaCare with socialized medicine in Canada. I found this research article about wait times for medical care in Canada. Specifically on page 12, there is a table (chart 7) listing wait times for diagnostic tests by province. In 2010, the wait time to get an MRI in Ontario is 7.0 weeks or ~50 days. If you were in British Columbia, then the wait is a staggering 16 weeks. Insane.

I had a torn calf muscle back in 2008 and for a week, I was lying in bed in excruciating pain. When I finally got to see my primary physician, he sent me to the Hoag Hospital ER and they were able to do two MRI scans that afternoon. Sure it cost my insurance ~$5000 but I was diagnosed and on my way to recovery. If I was still living in Mississauga, would that mean I had to wait almost two months for the diagnosis? How is that possible? With a leg brace and physical therapy, I was almost back to 100% after 7 weeks.

Of course this is only one anecdote but it happens to be personal. I have a job and pretty good health insurance. I don't think I want to give it up for GovernmentCare.

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