Sunday, January 9, 2011

Segway Tour

A friend from church bought some tickets for a Segway Tour of Long Beach through Groupon (how come I only get spa and massage offers?) so yesterday afternoon, we headed to The Pike. The 4 of us were joined by 3 other people and the tour lasted ~2 hours. BTW, I'm a bit sick & tired of the entire "The XXX" trend, such as THE Block, THE Spectrum, THE District, THE Grove, etc. It just feels pretentious and now overused... maybe I should rename Random Thoughts to THE Blog!

None of us have ever ridden a Segway. When I first got on, it was kind of wobbly and I couldn't keep it stationary. However, after a few minutes, it became more natural and actually quite easy to control. When riding the Segway, you're considered a pedestrian so we had to stay on the sidewalks, though I heard you can't ride these on THE Strand in Hermosa/Manhattan.

Crossing over Queensway Bridge on the way to Queen Mary/Spruce Goose (oops, moved to Oregon)

In front of Hotel Maya on the other side of the bridge

Steering arm and control module on the Segway i2

Looking across the Los Angeles river channel(?) back towards downtown Long Beach

The Queen Mary

Short 5 minute break. If you don't lean the Segway on something, it tends to roll forward and fall over.

Rainbow Harbor light house (it doesn't really work)

Long Beach Shoreline Marina

Rainbow Lagoon Park by the Hyatt Regency

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