Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chinese Top Gun


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Xinwen lianbo, or News Broadcast, on China Central Television, comes under fire again for its report of an air force training exercise on January 23. In the newscast, the way a target was hit by the air-to-air missile fired by a J-10 fighter aircraft and exploded looks almost identical to a cinema scene from the Hollywood film Top Gun.

A net user who went by the name “刘毅” (Liu Yi) pointed out that the jet that the J-10 “hit” is an F-5, a US fighter jet. In Top Gun, what the leading actor Tom Cruise pilots an F-14 to bring down is exactly an F-5. Looking at the screenshots juxtaposition, one cannot fail to find that even flame, smoke and the way the splinters fly look the same.

It's pretty obvious from the screencaps that CCTV blatantly stole video clips from Top Gun.

I guess the question is why? Did the air force actually shoot missiles and did they hit anything? Was there no footage... unlike the "stealth" J-20 with photos and videos galore? Even if they did hit something during the exercise, I'm 100% positive it's not a F-5 fighter. Could they just pay Taiwan for an animated footage?!


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Anonymous said...

or you can have it like Taiwan's missile tests where some of the missiles were way off the mark:

Anonymous said...

plus the planes in Top Gun were supposed to be MIGs.

i guess hollywood didn't do their research either. if it had been a MIG in top gun, then the chinese would have shown footage of their missile "shooting" down a MIG.