Thursday, January 6, 2011

Not Another Computer?!

My dad's Dell E1705 notebook computer is having problems. It has two internal fans and one of them has been semi-busted for a year now, making all sorts of noise. I think he was just going to ignore it but now it's giving me svchost errors. I'm not sure of the exact problem but he installs lots of apps to watch Chinese videos... some of those apps come from China so I'm worried he may have a virus/worm/etc.

Since the computer is "out of warranty", I decided to buy him a new one. Initially I was going to give him my Asus netbook and replace it with a Mac Air. However, I use the netbook to travel and to remote access my computer at work; I don't think it's possible with a Mac right now. After searching around, I decided to get him a Dell 2305, which is an all-in-one desktop, kinda like a iMac.

It comes with an AMD processor, 3GB of RAM, 320GB hard drive, and a built-in 23" monitor... probably enough to last him for awhile. The only issue will be that it runs Windows 7 instead of XP. I'll probably have to spend this weekend helping him move all his files from the E1705 to the new computer. I originally bought the huge Dell laptop as my primary/game PC. Maybe I'll install SC2 on it to see how fast it runs.

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