Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chinese Disasters, Politics, and Propaganda

Xinhua published an article showing photos from natural disasters that struck China in 2010. In the intro, there are several "interesting" paragraphs. Who writes this crap?






Fauna from chinaSMACK translates the last two paragraphs as:
Facing severe natural disasters, under the Party and the government’s strong leadership, the entire country’s citizens urgently mobilized, sticking together through thick and thin, with amazing courage and strength, and seized major victories again and again in the fight against floods and droughts, composing song after song of earth-moving heroic songs.

Experts point out that our country may be entering a period where natural disasters will frequently occur. A string of natural disasters teaches us that we must uphold scientific development and protect the environment from which we depend upon for our survival in order to achieve harmony between man and nature.

Really? I want to hear some of these "heroic" songs. Maybe they have them in the KTV bars already.

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