Friday, January 7, 2011

New Car

I finally got rid of the 350Z and picked up a 2011 Nissan Maxima. Ironically, it has the exact same engine (VQ35DE) but it puts out a few more horsepower. However, since it as a CVT (continuously variable transmission), I'm not sure how much reaches the front wheels. Yeah, it's FWD but that wasn't too important.

I financed it for now to get a $500 rebate. I'll probably pay off the loan in a few months. The finance manager tried really really hard to get me to buy extras that would have cost $4500. Eventually he came down to $1550 for a 4 year extension on the warranty. I was seriously considering it but the fact he kept calling it a 7 year warranty instead of +4 years really bothered me. That plus I wasn't too happy about the trade in value I got on the Z but there was a bunch of small things I had to fix before selling it myself. Oh well, it's only money.


I mostly enjoyed driving the Z most of the time but occasionally it felt like it was still Shirley's car. I was leaning towards buying a G35 coupe way back in 2004 but we ended up buying the Z. Now all I have to do is get rid of the 4Runner (wedding gift).


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HEY!!!!, i saw your time-stamp on your blog posting and you sold your Z before you knew about the outcome of our SB meeting. were you that sure that i wasn't going to get the money? well, we didn't get the money so please feel free to sell the Z. i will miss it. remember that time i chased that girl that flipped us(me) the bird?