Friday, January 7, 2011

More Food Please!

OK, this is kind of trivial but it's lunch time...

There is one food station in the cafeteria that serves Chinese/Indian food. Usually the server behind the counter is an Indian (looking) guy. He is super stingy with the servings. For Chinese food days, I would usually get some of the tofu item (it's laid out like Panda Express) and normally I would get 2 or 3 pieces of tofu. Lame. Occasionally, there's a white guy serving and he piles on the food. Sometimes, when the servers are doing something in the kitchen, the old Chinese guy cooking has to serve; he's somewhat in the middle on serving size.

Today it was the white guy behind the counter so I have lots to eat for lunch.


Anonymous said...

random thoughts is divided into 4 main categories:
a. k-pop
b. rants against chinese government
c. food
d. rants against US government (mainly about the taxes you have to pay).

have noticed that there have been fewer food posts.

hogsman said...


i think you meant b. to read "rants against PRC government", no?

i would add "e. computers" and "f. autos".