Sunday, January 11, 2009

YouTube Symphony Orchestra

I stumbled onto this page on YouTube.

I downloaded the Trumpet 1 part and tried to follow along with the performance. I guess you get used to a certain conductor. For the past three years, I've been playing in the Irvine Valley College WInd Symphony conducted by Steve Rochford. I had trouble following Tan Dun's conducting in the video, especially through the allegro portions. The key signature for trumpets is pretty ugly too with 5 #'s. The trumpet solo in the beginning sounded nice though; maybe I'll just practice that part. There are Trumpet 2 & 3 parts as well. The notes are a bit lower but the rhythm is mostly the same.

Try to follow along. Once you get lost, it's pretty difficult to get back on sync. There was a symbol at the beginning of the video. Not sure if it was No Talking or No Snoring. Usually trumpet parts have a lot of measures of rest and it's a challenge just to count them all. Here's a video of Song Hye Kyo (Korean actress) promoting the online audition.

It's in English, really. OK, obviously her English is better than my Korean, and probably better than my Mandarin.

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