Saturday, January 24, 2009

Need for Speed: Undercover

I used to love Need For Speed games. A few of us used to race each other on NFS 3. The game ran fast on average PC's and the graphics were pretty good. I just downloaded and installed the latest NFS game and after one try, I promptly uninstalled it. My Sony Vaio is not the fastest machine but it's pretty decent. The video option defaulted to 640x480 and it still ran slow and choppy. The opening scene of the game is a short interactive drive but there's no way to escape out of it. If you don't get pass it, you can't even get to the game. The first "race" I tried, I was stuck in a 240SX yet I was beating all other cars, including a 350Z. Yeah, right...

I usually check reviews at They gave the PC version a 5/10 which is pretty lame. I try not to get games that are rated less than 8/10. The PS3 version is worse at 4/10. Now I'm mad that I "wasted" a DVD-R to make an install disc.


I also downloaded Spore, a game by Maxis/EA; they're the ones that created The Sims. So far it's pretty interesting.

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