Monday, January 19, 2009

The Clone Wars

I've always been a Star Wars fan but I've been very disappointed with the recent movies, including the animated "Star Wars: The Clone Wars." I saw it in the theaters with Leon's family and it sucked pretty badly. In fact, it scored a miserable 18% on Rotten Tomatoes; even Episode I, the next worse movie, scored 63%. Anyway, I managed to download some animated Star Wars TV series from Veoh and watched on my computer last night.

Bad animated acting.

The first series was Star Wars: Clone Wars which aired from 2003 to 2005. The initial episodes were only 3 minutes long and I remember seeing ads on Cartoon Network. These were normal 2D animation and I found both DVD volumes. I also found episodes from the latest series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, that started airing on Oct-08. These are 3D CGI and visually look like the Clone Wars animated movie. Confused? I was... since everything title had the word "clone" in it.

Not a very "Star Wars" -like logo.

The latest series which picks up where the animated movie ended.

This latest series is still airing on Cartoon Network. Since my "free" cable does not include CN, I have to look for episodes online. The Star Wars site streams one episode at a time and they're showing #11. I did get to download episodes 2-4 and 8-10 from Veoh. For the longest time, I could not find the first TV episode, titled "Ambush." It was either removed due to copyright infringement or only part 3 of 3 was available (on YouTube). I finally found a site that is streaming the 21 minute episode and to no surprise, it's hosted in China on 土豆网. I think that translates to either "peanut" or "potato" web. As an added bonus, there are simplified Chinese subtitles in case I was to see how Star Wars vocabulary is translated into Chinese.


OT but I ended up watching these on my Sony Vaio notebook with a 14.1" screen. What's maddening is that I have a PS3 connected to my 42" LCD TV in the living room. The PS3 is connected to my wireless network and I can see my Vaio from the PS3 as a media server. However, the only movie I've been able to stream so far is "My Sassy Girl." Of course, it's in Korean and the subtitles (SRT file) do not stream. Both devices are made my Sony and both are supposedly DLNA compliant. Photos and MP3's play fine but I keep getting mysterious DLNA errors when trying to stream movies.

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