Thursday, January 29, 2009


Always wanted to get drunk and act like a retard without having your face turn red? Embarrassed because you're Asian and can't drink as much as your white friends? You're problems are gone!

*Statements have not be [sic] endorsed by the FDA

I thought this was a hoax at first but I guess it's a real business. With all the problems in the world, someone found a cure for "Asian Flush." How about not drinking? Oh yeah, then you won't get promoted.
"After work, many of my co-workers would go to happy hour ot socialize and play the "workplace politics" game; often times I wouldn't go for the simple fact my face would turn bright red. With RedGone, now I go everytime and may even be up for promotion!"

- Dwight Ichind
Cape, Oklahoma

Other "testimonials"

Dang! Is that why I'm stuck as a senior manager?! I should have popped a few RedGone pills and gone drinking with the finance executives... [shakes head].


The testimonial above has got to be fake. I Goggled "Dwight Ichind" and got zero hits. If you're not on Google, you don't exist. Also, everyone know there are no foreigners in Oklahoma.


There is no Cape, Oklahoma, on Google Maps. Now I'm back to thinking this is a hoax. Why would they make up a location?


Darryl said...

Looks like it's just pepcid...

Compare with


Chris said...

I bought a bottle out of curiosity. Not only is it the same thing as Pepcid AC, but it also appears to be stamped with the same markings as Rite Aid's generic Pepcid (famotidine). My conclusion: Redgone is buying boxes of generic famotidine and emptying them into bottles with their label.

By the way, you only get 8 pills per bottle of Redgone. I couldn't find the pill count anywhere on their site... and with good reason.