Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Please enter userid/password...

I forgot to send out a file via email before leaving work at 8:30pm, and I didn't bring my work computer home. Through the miracle of modern technology, I only had to login 5 times to send the file out remotely:

- login to my home computer
- connect to work through Cisco VPN
- remote login to a notebook computer on my desk since the file is on the network
- login to our SSLVPN website to use webmail
- login to Exchange server to access email and attach/send file

It worked though, and it saved me a trip back to the office. Of course, this only works with a broadband Internet connection. Good thing I didn't cancel my service after the reimbursements from work was canceled earlier this month as a "cost saving" measure. I guess they expect us to work from home at night and pay for the privilege ourselves.

Bah, I'm just pissed bitter that I'm not getting a cash bonus and all my stock options are worthless. The difference between a senior manager ($0 bonus) and a director (next level up) is at least $50k.

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