Friday, January 23, 2009


I'm planning to travel to Chengdu in March. I usually fly with Cathay Pacific/Dragonair:
Business: $9,324
First: $20,455

I also checked with Air China:
Economy: $1,155
Business: $7,411
First: $11,737

If you look closer at the fare breakdown, Cathay's fare is $861 + $225 in taxes while Air China's fare is $771 + $371 in taxes + $7 booking fee. Are taxes higher because Air China connects through Beijing and need to pay for the new Terminal 3? Is there any logic to airfare anyway?


My analyst left for Bangkok again tonight. For this trip, she will probably be in the air (18 hours + 15 hours) for about the same length of time as on the ground (~1.5 days) in Thailand. Another co-worker told me he once flew from LAX to Singapore to attend a morning meeting, ate lunch, then got on a plane to come back. I look forward to the day we have transporters like in Star Trek. "Beam me to China!"

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Anonymous said...

maybe if TPE finally opens up to mainland flights; the landing fees will start coming down. i think Taiwan has a great chance to displace HKG as the gateway to china; although Hong Kong is much nicer than Taipei. unfortunately, we won't be able to buy business or first class for a while. maybe if MS hits this year.

our manager had to do a same day round trip to Taiwan but it was because his passport was going to expire within 90 days. immigration in Taiwan wouldn't let him in. not sure i would do that trip(LAX->SIN) just for a morning meeting.