Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ducks vs. Kings

I'm heading off to a Ducks game at the Honda Center. My boss scored tickets for Henry's suite. Too bad I don't have time to get my camera; all I have on me is the BlackBerry.


Ducks win 3-1! I got to sit next to Henry for most of the 2nd period. We said "Hi" and that was pretty much it... not every day you get to sit next to a billionaire. Should have brought a PMI business plan or something. He actually watches the game pretty intensely; I guess he has money riding on every game.


View from the box.


Anonymous said...

Even when the Ducks lose, HS still wins as long as the seats are filled and people are willing to pay $6+ for a slice of pizza.

i will be really impressed if you got to sit next to the snow shovel girls.

totochi said...

My co-worker from Montreal said that at Canadiens home games, the shoveling is done by old fat dudes. Hey, I can do that job in 20 years.