Thursday, January 8, 2009

DVD Players

I just noticed that I have 5 devices that play DVD's attached to my (one and only) TV:

- PS3 (HDMI - Blu-ray)
- PS2 (RCA)
- Compaq notebook (RGB)
- Panasonic DVD player (HDMI though non-HD)
- Karaoke player (component video)

I bought the Blu-ray version of Ironman to check out the image on my 1080p TV and it's pretty awesome. It's similar to the first time I played a DVD (on my PS2). Compared to the picture quality of a VHS tape, it was so much better that I sat back and said, "Wow!" I remember Shirley being quite amused by my reaction.


I bring this up because I almost bought a netbook from Costco. Then I realized I have 4 computers at home that I'm using regularly plus 3 old yet functional computers in my closet. Maybe I have too may electronic gadgets already...

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