Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mac vs. PC

I'm ripping a Korean drama from DVD. A coworker let me borrow My Lovely Sam Soon (내 이름은 김삼순) on 8 DVD's. Each DVD has 2 episodes of about an hour long each. I'm using both my Mac and my Sony Vaio to rip the DVD to .avi files.

Mac - OS X 10.4.11
1.66 GHz Intel Core Duo
MediaFork 0.8.0b1
Video: MPEG-4 XviD (250MB target file size)
Audio: MP3 (128 kbps)
Destination: internal 80GB drive

PC - Windows Vista SP1
2.1 GHz Intel Core2 Duo
AoA DVD Ripper
Video: DivX 6.something (445 kbps)
Audio: MP3 (128 kbps)
Destination: external 1000GB drive (via USB)

I remembered installing DivX 6 on my Mac but it's not an encoder option on MediaFork. So far, the PC is winning. It's ripping at ~47 fps vs. ~25 fps for the Mac. I think the bit rate is higher on the PC as well since the files are ~300MB, about 50MB larger than the Mac files. I picked this size so I can fit all 16 episodes back on a DVD-R. In either case, it's taking forever (40 min/episode on PC and 60 min/episode on Mac) as I need to rip 16 episodes.

Hmm, I just noticed that DivX 7 is out. I'll try installing it before I rip the next episode on the PC. I'm bored...


It never fails. As soon as I say I'm bored, I get some kind of computer hardware failure. I love my Mac. However, I've always hated the slot loading optical drive. Sure it looks cool and the PS3 has one, but CD's and DVD's always get stuck in the drive on my Mac mini. As soon as I put in the DVD (#5 out of 8), I could tell from the grinding sound that I'm in trouble. The Mac could not recognize the DVD and it also could not eject it. I hear the motor trying to eject every 15 seconds but no DVD appeared in the slot. After 10 minutes, I had to turn the computer off, open up the case, plug everything back in (with the cover off), manually assist with the eject process, and put everything back together again. I think I'll rip the rest of the DVD's on my Sony Vaio, which uses a conventional tray loading optical drive.

I still don't have a putty knife so I had to pull out the Chinese cleaver again to get the Mac mini open. Apple computer cases... another thing I hate about Macs.

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