Friday, January 16, 2009


I was invited to a work dinner last night at Wildfish, a restaurant right next to work in Newport Beach. It was mainly for finance people that worked on the AMD acquisition. I wasn't on the original invite list since I didn't join the acquisition process until late, though I'm probably the only one still traveling to Markham.

The food was okay. Since it was a seafood restaurant, I got a fish dish (snapper w/crab). A lot people ordered steak for some reason. Most people got there at 6pm and we didn't get our food until after 7:30pm. I ate a lot of bread while waiting.

The asparagus and potatoes were extra side dishes.

A co-worker's dish: sea bass Hong Kong style. My boss also had the same thing and he said it was pretty good.

The sea bass dish came with a Chinese bamboo steamer cover and a pair of chopsticks. Instead of giving the customer a nice pair of chopsticks, they gave out the crappiest wooden disposable stuff. I hate those chopsticks. I don't know why expensive American restaurants don't have good chopsticks? They don't need to be fine ivory or whatever... the plastic stuff will do. You can get a pack of 20 chopsticks at 99 Ranch for like $2 or something. It's like going to a nice Chinese restaurant, asking them for a fork, and getting a plastic picnic fork.

These are the worst chopsticks. They're hard to break apart cleanly and you run the risk of getting splinter in you hand or mouth. Also, the sea bass was supposed to be "Hong Kong" style but these are typically handed out at Japanese restaurants.

Still crappy but better. You get these at cheaper Chinese restaurants and pseudo-Chinese places like Pei Wei. I make fun of Pei Wei a lot but I eat there more than I'd like to admit.

Very nice though the pointy ends makes it hard to pick up peanuts.

I think there were 11 people at dinner and the bill came out to ~$900. Counting my lemonade, portion of appetizers, and dessert, I don't think I was responsible for more than $45. Someone else must have ordered something really expensive or more likely drank a lot of alcohol.

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