Thursday, November 20, 2008

Working in Canada, Day 2

OK, last snow photo. This was my rental car this morning. Under the snow was a layer of ice so it took awhile to clear the windows.

Today was another day working on mostly FP&A stuff at work. I'm getting used to working on two computers since the network connection is so slow. Most of the work is being done by remote access on my other computer back in Irvine. I also tried contacting AMD's help desk (by calling HELP on the phone) about connecting to a networked printer. After 30 minutes, we decided there is no way for me to print. The printers are still on an old ATI (pre-AMD acquisition) print server and the only way for me to see the printers is to get an userid and password on the AMD domain. That probably won't happen. I wonder what a new Broadcom hire will do if they're hired at the Markham site.

I had to get a visitor badge again this morning. I wonder if I can just sneak in tomorrow. The receptionist asked if I need an escort in. Sigh... I told her twice that I have my own cubicle here. There's also another problem. After 6pm, the doors are all locked from both sides and you need an AMD badge to get out. I was lucky that another employee was walking out at the same time. Not sure what I will do if I need to stay late or need to come in on nights/weekends.

After work, I decided to find a Chinese market to get some groceries/snacks. I looked on the web and found a website to Pacific Mall, the largest indoor Asian market or something. It turned out to be a huge barn-like building with hundreds of tiny stores, pretty much selling the same things: cell phones, boba milk tea, books, computers, counterfeit DVD's, and ugly clothing.

South entrance.

One of the "streets" inside. There are several long corridors with stores on each side. Both store clerks and customers seem to be pretty young.


Food court on the 2nd floor.

Each food vendor had lots of photos of each dish. They all looked very similar... probably hired the same photographer.

I ended buying dinner at this place. I was swayed by the sign stating "Hong Kong Chef Management."

$4.75 including drink (not the can of Pepsi). That's only US$3.90! Not China cheap but pretty inexpensive. It was pretty good, better than the $40 dinner I had with my parents last night.

On the way back to the hotel (I got dinner to go), I saw a 350Z with snow tires. The stock Bridgestone Potenzas are terrible in rain or snow.

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