Thursday, November 13, 2008

CJK Support for BlackBerry 8310 Curve

Since the BB Curve has a regular 1/8" jack for headphones and a music player, I throught I could load it up with MP3s and use it instead of my iPod in my car. I bought a Kingston 4GB SD-micro memory card (for ~$12) and loaded my K-pop/J-pop playlist. To my dismay, all the Korean/Japanese (and Chinese) text showed up as boxes instead of the correct characters. Anyway, after searching the web for a few hours, I found a East Asian version of the BlackBerry OS that supports CJK text and Pinyin input. I was a bit hesitant since it's a work phone and I didn't want to mess it up by loading a new OS, even if it's the same version (v4.2).

Anyway, I'm happy to report that everything still works fine on my phone except that the icon for BlackBerry Maps is gone. The application is still installed and I can access it through Blip (map my location) but the icon is nowhere to be found. I feel a lot better with the correct Korean/Japanese text showing up on song titles even though I can't read either one.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for staying with Kingston memory. it comes out to $3/Gbyte. 1 Gbyte of flash memory used to go for $800