Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Scam Email

I got this in my work email inbox:
Dear Customer,

We wish to inform you officialy that due to your delay in complying with the courier service delivery to your given address through courier company here as programmed, your fund has been diverted to the issued bank head office here with instruction to process and effect remittance of the fund to your account $1,200.000.00 United States Dollars pending when you establish communication with the bank head office which is very urgent that you contact the bank urgently for immediate remittance of your fund and bank to bank wire transfer into any bank account of your choice.

Therefore, below is the contact information of the issued bank which you required only to establish communication with the Foreign Remittance Operation Department.

Continental Bank Benin
Contact Person: Dr. Donald Geronime
The Director Foreign Operation Department,

Email:( Kindly communicate with the bank with above contact information, so that they will advise you further and commence the proceesing of your wire transfer.

Dr. Bright Morgan
Western Union Branch Office
Cotonou-Benin Republic

Wow, that first paragraph is one sentence. Where did they learn their English? Also, why would a "doctor" work for Western Union? In fact, from all the emails I've received, it seems almost everyone in Africa has a "Dr." title.

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Dr. Hogsman said...

Wow, you'd better contact them soon in case something happens to the money. Since you're so busy in Canada, send me your bank account info and I'll handle all the arrangements for you.