Monday, November 17, 2008

MBA Focus Resume Books

When I was still involved in recruiting new MBA hires, I signed up for resume books from a company called MBA Focus. I think b-schools contract with them to put resumes from 1st and 2nd year MBA student online. I just got an email regarding intern resumes for next summer. Most of the resume books are free but a large percentage of schools are charging money for recruiters look at resumes. The most expensive at $300 are Harvard and Wharton with a lot of schools charging $250, and two at $225 (Cornell/Johnson and UT Austin/McCombs).
List of the schools charging $250:
UC Berkeley/Haas
Univ of Chicago
Univ of North Carolina
Univ of Virginia/Darden

USC and Indiana/Kelley resume books are free. If I was a student at one of the schools charging for resumes, I'm not sure how I would feel. The list of schools are all highly ranked but there are many schools that give away for free. The students are paying a lot for tuition already and the school is trying to make more money off of them?

If I was still recruiting at this time, I wouldn't pay for resumes. Our intern program is not that big so we can fill our positions from USC or UCI. Maybe if we were hiring a lot of interns (not sure what company is going to do that next year), maybe I'd pay for a local top l0 school. I wonder if students at the schools listed above can still pass out their own resumes or if they had to sign an exclusive deal with their b-school?

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