Thursday, November 13, 2008

‘Gays’ crack nearly causes international incident

A CHINESE man nearly started an unintended fight with an overseas sailor when he greeted him in poorly chosen English words.

The man identified as Liu said: “Hi, gays” when he met the sailor on a foreign ship docked at Wusong Port this morning in Shanghai.

The sailor grabbed Liu, a worker at Wusong, and demanded an explanation and an apology. However, Liu’s English was so poor that he couldn’t find the words to express himself properly.

Fortunately, a police officer identified as Xu stepped in and explained to the sailor that Liu meant to say “Hi, guys,” according to Wusong immigration police.

Xu also told Liu that gay means homosexual in English.

The two shook hands after the misunderstanding was cleared up.

My friend in Chengdu took an English class in college. The textbook has the N-word in the vocabulary list; the text was an excerpt from Huckleberry Finn. I can just see a Chinese tour group visiting Compton or South-Central, greeting people with, "What's up, N!@@&!"

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