Saturday, November 1, 2008

BlackBerry Curve

After breaking my 7th Palm Treo, I finally got a BlackBerry from work. I went through 2 Treo 600's, 2 Treo 650's, and 2 Treo 680's. Usually they get hit with the infinite reset loop problem but my last Treo's phone broke; I could not hear anyone nor could they hear me on calls.

The BlackBerry's phone portion is much better than the Treo. I'm still with the same carrier (AT&T) but I noticed that the calls are much more clear. Since we used GoodLink on the Treo's at work, the email and calendar sections were better on the Treo. I'm still trying to get used to the BlackBerry's messenger and calendar applications. The 8310 comes with a GPS chip and AT&T wants you to download Telenav and pay a monthly fee. I ended up downloading Google maps for BlackBerry and it is able to pinpoint my location using the GPS chip. I don't think it give turn-by-turn direction like a normal navigation software but at least it's free.

I also like the fact that it recharges and connects to a PC using a standard USB cable. I can use my Motorola RZR adapter to charge the BlackBerry at home. The Treo had a proprietary adapter so I had to carry multiple plugs when I travel with both phones. I do miss the Treo's touch screen. The trackball on the BlackBerry works OK but it's easy to move the cursor while pressing the ball and running a different application than what I intended.

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