Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Still Snowing

Arg, I think I have mini-jetlag or something. It's 1:30am Eastern time and I'm still up; it's only 10:30pm back "home" in California. Looking out the window, the snow is still falling. The hotel I'm staying in does not have underground parking so I'll probably need 10 minutes to clear all the snow off the car. I knew I should have brought my hiking boots instead of my dress shoes. Also, there must be a lot of Indian/Pakistani families staying in the hotel and cooking dinner. The hallways have a strong curry smell. The apartment we lived in 30 years ago in Mississauga had the same smell.

Snow covered tree outside my window. It's pretty dark outside so the shutter speed was 1 second long. I was holding my breath so the camera wouldn't shake.

Parking lot with one lonely car. There was a bit more light so the shutter speed was 1/2 second. I shot this through a window with a mesh screen; I wasn't about to go outside to take photos.

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