Saturday, November 15, 2008

We Got Married

I was up until 5am yesterday watching "We Got Married" on the Internet. It a Korean TV show, more of a variety show than K-drama. The premise of the show is to pair two celebrities (not sure how famous) and have them "live together" and pretend they're married. Each week, the participants would watch clips from the prior week and talk about what they were feeling/thinking at the time. I started watching because Hwangbo was on the show starting around Episode 12; she used to be a singer/rapper in a K-pop group called Chakra. She's paired up with some guy from SS501, another K-pop group. Each episode is 90 minutes and I'm on Episode 20. The show is currently broadcasting on MBC in Korea.

The show is pretty interesting and I recognize most of the celebrity couples from listening to K-pop. It's probably comparable to the many "reality" shows we have in the US with the exception that the participants are somewhat famous already.

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