Monday, November 17, 2008

Sorry, No Follow-up Meetings Article
The recently fired engineer suspected of killing three colleagues at their Santa Clara office last week is expected to be arraigned in Santa Clara County Superior Court on Wednesday afternoon.

Santa Clara police spent the weekend "trying to tie up loose ends and are still investigating the case'' regarding why Jing Hua Wu made an appointment Friday afternoon with top executives at SiPort on Scott Boulevard, and then shot them with a 9 mm handgun, Lt. Mike Sellers said today.

The three killed were Marilyn Lewis, 67, of San Jose, the company's head of human resources; Brian Pugh, 47, of Los Altos, vice president for operations; and Sid Agrawal, 56, of Fremont, the company's co-founder and chief executive.

Wow. That's why you have Security escort people out when they're laid off. I hope we don't have lay-offs; there won't be a shortage of pissed-off Chinese engineers here.

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