Friday, June 27, 2008

Taiwan Show

I'm watching a show about Taiwan on (Discovery) HD Theater. It seems to be various video segments on different locales and attractions during the last Lunar New Year (year of the rat). The last video showed thousands of people in motorcycle helmets, looking to get hit by fireworks for good luck. This is followed by other segments on paper lanterns, temples, pottery, etc. So far, I've never heard of any of the places they've shown yet... :(

Oh, they're showing a segment on Jiaofen. I've been there before! Now they're talking about Taipei 101 and CKS Memorial Hall. Hmm, they're still calling it by it's original name and mentioned CKS even though it was filmed only several months ago. They also showed a shot of the new high-speed bullet train; trips from Taipei to Tainan only takes one hour. The last time I took that trip, it was close to six hours by bus.

During the show, they interview several people. Though some spoke Mandarin or Taiwanese, a lot of people spoke English. They sometimes have subtitles for people speaking English, I guess letting us know what they're trying to say. They interviewed the governor of Taipei County; he speaks pretty good English so no subtitles.

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