Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Log-in Again?!

I've been trying to work from home today. Even with a fast connection, it takes forever to attach files to an email since Outlook has to download the file from the server to the local computer, then upload the entire email back to the Exchange server before the message can be sent. My cable modem connection has been messed up since Sunday so it's even worse than normal. So to avoid sending megabyte files back and forth, I'm using Web Access for Outlook on our Citrix server. To do this however, it means I have to log into my computer (Windows XP), connect to work via VPN, log into the Citrix server, log into mybroadcom.com, then finally log into the Exchange server via the web. Once I'm logged all the way in (5 times), to attach and send emails is actually pretty quick.

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