Monday, June 30, 2008


OMG! I'm watching Wipeout on and it's hilarious. It's a total ripoff of Takeshi's Castle/MXC; I used to watch MXC all the time when I had SpikeTV on cable. All they're missing are the goofy costumes. It does look very physical though so it's pretty easy to guess who will be eliminated first.

Since this is America, I'm wondering if someone gets hurt on the show, whether they'll sue even though I'm sure they had to sign a bunch of waivers.


Ha ha, Wipeout is followed by I Survived A Japanese Game Show. Too bad it's more of a reality show; I'll need to fast-forward to get to the actual contest segments. It seems that part of the show will exploit cultural ignorances; the first episode has the contestents being yelled at for not taking their shoes off indoors. There is also a "mama-san" at the house where they are living; I thought that was only for massage parlors and special KTV bars. Of course, there are no Asian contestants on the show but at least the host is Japanese-American.

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